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Based in: Göteborg, Sweden
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Jan 22, 2015
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You gotta MAKE money to SPEND money!

Moneygrabber is an easy to pick up, endless arcade game in which you grab money. All money that is grabbed can be spent on status symbols. Some status symbols enhances your grabbing capabilities, while others are just for show. The game is based around a likeable avatar that you can dress up, and who reacts humorously to your grabbing.

Make money → spend money → make money. Moneygrabber is a tongue in cheek simulation of life.


Moneygrabber is the first game from Mårten Brüggemann's game studio Not My Jeans. I've spent a few years making toys at award-winning children's app studio Toca Boca. This year I felt the urge to broaden my game design, targeting a wider/older audience. And incorporate the fun and creativity into the lives of grown-ups as well! I'm meaning for Moneygrabber to be the first in many fun game experiences from Not My Jeans, and a solid base to build upon.


  • Want to get rich? Grabbing money has never been more satisfying.
  • Tangible bubblegum graffiti style graphics.
  • Dynamic soundtrack that synchs up and evolves with your grabbing.
  • Customize your character with status symbols. What's your style?
  • Get yourself a Ronex watch, or why not the Feralli sports car?




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Not My Jeans is a one man game studio consisting of Mårten Brüggemann. I make game experiences with tight, often touch-based interactions. I sometimes make games with friends, but most of the time I geek out and just do everything by myself!

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